Our Background

About Us

Sanctified Delights Bakery and Café is a bakery established in April 2017, with the help of Youth Development Funds under Ministry of youth sports and culture (MYSC), Funding from Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) and business monitoring and mentorship by Local Enterprise Authority(Lea). Sanctified Delights Bakery is passionate about creating delectable treats and providing exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and the pursuit of culinary experience. We are grateful to our customers who have been of great support to us and helped us do better each day. Our team of talented bakers bring their expertise and creativity to every creation ensuring that each item that leaves the bakery is a testament to our dedication to exceptional taste and presentation. Come Taste The Difference.

What we stand for

Our Statements


To provide the local market with affordable, innovative, traditional and healthy confectionery products and become the market leader.


To be a highly visible brand, known as the best bakery and pastry products option in Bobonong, surrounding villages and our nation as a whole.


To build a thriving business while investing in the future of the community by providing young people with hands-on work experience and training in the baking industry